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Objectives of the OCMC

The Oxford and Cambridge Musical Club, founded in 1899, exists to provide its members with opportunities to perform - either as instrumentalists (including pianists) or as solo or chorus singers. By experience the Club has evolved a form of organisation that enables its members to participate in - and contribute to - an ambitious and interesting concert programme, in settings which range from small-scale informality to full-scale orchestral and operatic performances.


The Club has historical links with the Music Clubs of Oxford and Cambridge Universities, but membership is not limited to graduates of those (or other) universities. Enquiries are welcomed, especially from young musicians who it is hoped will continue the fine traditions of the Club. Currently there is a waiting list for pianists and solo sopranos. Members of the OCMC generally speak highly of it, from both musical and social perspectives.

2013–2014 Season

Introduction to this season's programme
Concert calendar

Next Concerts

Saturday 26 April at 5:30pm in the Housman Room :  Concert organised by Tamara Migrina-Ravenhill
Saturday 17 May at 5:30pm in the Housman Room :  Janacek Concert organised by Mark Lowe
Wednesday 28 May at 7:45pm in the Haldane Room :  Concert organised by Hugh Rosenbaum

News and Announcements

The AGM minutes are available.

Concert Calendar

Club concerts range from orchestral and chamber music to song and piano recitals. Most are private occasions at which members perform to an audience of other members and their guests. The standard of playing is often very high and the Club is one of the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom.

Most years the Club performs about 20 concerts, usually on Wednesdays at 7:30 or 8pm and on Saturdays at 5:30 pm.

The Club's regular venue for most concerts is at University College, London. In recent years concerts have also been held at Hinde Street Methodist Church.

The annual programmes and details of past concerts can be accessed from the links on the left. In 2004 we changed the concert year to run from September.

History of the OCMC

Some history and reminiscences

The Club was founded in 1899 by members of the two universities who wished to continue in London the musical activities which they had enjoyed as undergraduates. The Gentlemen's Club which they formed, with spacious premises in the West End, rapidly acquired a distinguished membership including many of the leading composers and musicians of the day as well as leading figures in public life.

That privileged era ended forever with the second World War. The loss of the Club's premises in 1940 can in retrospect be seen as a liberation. When concerts began again in 1948 the Club was able to devote all its efforts to what had always been its first objective - the pleasure of making music. Since 1959 the Club's main concert venue has been at University College, London.

In February 2009 the Club reached the milestone of its 2000th concert, celebrated with a concert of orchestral and choral music. This was held at St Cyprian's Church and included the first performance of a new work by Tony Summers, composed especially for the occasion.


The activities of the Club are organised by a number of committees. Click here to access information about the operation and structure of the Club, including AGM minutes.

Making Contact

For further information please consult any member of the Club. Application forms are available from the Membership Secretary.
Members should click here to send a message about any amendments to their contact details (for the Membership Directory). Club members may also request a current copy of the Directory (which will be sent as a PDF file).


The Club values its links with University College London Chamber Music Club.
It also has an association with Pro Corda, the National School for Young Chamber Music Players, and joint concerts are organised. All Pro Corda alumni are encouraged to join OCMC.

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