Committee structure and Rules

The general activities of the Club are overseen by the Club Committee.

  Graham Bowler
  Nick Reading
  Chris Underhill
  Rupert Bawden
  Rob Keeley
Room Bookings   Libby Summers
Universities Liaison   Dace Ruklisa
Opera   Adrienne Walters
Hospitality Coordinators   Michael Crowe
KrisztiƔn Bede
General   Michael Birnbaum, Peter Wall

The committee operates under the Club Rules.

Music Committee

The Music Committee is responsible for coordinating the programme of Club concerts. Coordinators for the different groups of performers ensure that their interests are accommodated in the programmes and provide a point of contact for members seeking instrumentalists or singers with whom to perform.

Chairman   Rupert Bawden
Strings   Peter Wall
Woodwind   tba
Brass, Percussion   Peter Kaldor
Keyboard   Chris Underhill
Singers   tba
General   Anna Bell, Sophie Prett, Andrew Smith, Adrienne Walters, Mike Wells

Other Roles

  Chris Crocker
  Graham Bowler
Programme Co-ordinator   Chris Underhill
Postal Programme Distribution   Michael Crowe
Music Sourcing   Libby Summers
Zoom Meetings Host   Graham Bowler
Library   Deborah Behrman